BOOKS: “The Burning Wire” – Jeffery Deaver

Category: Fiction / Mystery / Crime-thriller

Zombies: 4.5 out of 5


Comments: This books belongs to the Lincoln Rhyme’s series, that being the main character in the book. This isn’t the first book in the series and I would highly recommend that if anyone does plan on reading this, then they begin right from the first book, that being the “The Bone Collector”, and then work your way down the series, if not you will end up missing out a few of the events that is referenced to across the series. I started off with the first book, but somewhere down the line, when I couldn’t find the middle books, I did end up missing the order, which is something I wouldn’t have done so, if I could have avoided it. This is definitely a must-read for mystery fanatics, which is exactly what I am, because this is just not the typical crime-solving book, it’s different, it’s unique in it’s own way and you’ll know why if and when you read it. 



At home. In your office. On the street. 

A merciless killer with a unique weapon is ready to strike. Electricity is as lethal as it is vital, and it takes only one spark of genius to generate panic and death. 

In the meantime, one of the few criminals to have ever slipped Lincoln Rhyme’s net- the assain known as the Watchmaker – has set his murderous sights on innocent victims, whose idenity is as yet unknown…

Rhyme must juggle the two investigations as they hurtle toward their deadly outcomes…



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